Scotland Aerial / Drone / UAV Filming

I'm CAA approved and BNUCs certified, therefore ensuring the highest standards in safety and operation whilst aerial filming. Filming with remote controlled Drone's or 'UAVs' (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) allows me to film some incredible shots which a full size helicopter couldn't even capture and at a fraction of the cost.

I currently fly a DJI Inspire 1 with X5 camera quadcopter capable of shooting 4k at 25 frames and 1080p at 50 frames. I also have a Phantom 3 as a backup to take on shoots.

Beautiful Scotland

Wild Scotland

Wild Scotland - Behind the Scenes

As you can see from the show reel the Quadcopter combined with the stabilised camera really is a phenomenal bit of kit. Remotely controlled, I can fly it a distance of 500m and a height of 400ft getting incredible perspectives otherwise inaccessible. The drone sends an HD video link back to the controller in order to frame shots, a director’s monitor is available.

I am available to work beyond Scotland.


What weather conditions can you fly in? The drone can’t be flown in any wet weather and also winds above around 15 mph

How long can you fly for? Around 15 minutes per battery

What are the restrictions? The UAV has to be within line of sight and at a max height of 400ft and distance of 500m

How much does it cost? Costs will vary by job, please email to find out

Can you fly over an event with people below? No, however depending on the numbers we can fly a distance of 150m

Is it safe? Safety is taken seriously. Lots of different measures are in place to ensure every flight is as safe as it can be. If I have any safety concerns no flight will take place.

Can you shoot 4K? Yes

Can you stream an HD feed? Yes, please email for info