Capture the Museum

Capture the Museum

I was approached by the Digital Studio 'Thought Den' who are based in Bristol. They came up to Edinburgh to launch their new game which they created along with Splash & Ripple. Capture the Museum was the product of a research and development fund from the Technology Strategy Board, seeking new ways to enhance visitor engagement in museums.

Capture The Museum is a live team game, supported by a mobile app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android. Two clans fight for territory in a giant version of Risk or Trivial Pursuit. Only one clan will capture the museum.

This was another very short notice job with little time for planning. After hearing about the game I knew it was important to try to capture the competitive spirit between the teams. As the game only lasted for 30 minutes it was crucial to film flat out!

The game first premiered at National Museums Scotland in May 2013 and my film was used to promote the game to other museums and to help secure additional funding.

Ben Templeton commented 'If you want a quality film-maker, I can't recommend his services enough. John was professional, efficient and highly effective in the short amount of time he had to produce our 90 second teaser. He put an excellent first edit together in record time, then worked with us to improve the piece for final delivery. Working with John was a pleasure; he doesn't overcomplicate things and has the knack of making it all seem effortless'

- Ben Templeton, Creative Director, Thought Den Ltd
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