Branded Content for Fujifilm

I’m currently producing some branded content for Fuji film to help launch a new lens. The focus of the film will be about a photographer’s approach to shooting landscapes with the lens. After spending a good amount of time researching the location for the shoot, we decided Assynt in the North West highlands would be the perfect location. We spent 2 days filming and I am absolutely stoked with the footage we got.

I’m currently editing the footage and will hopefully have the final piece completed next week.

Here’s a few screengrabs from the footage –


GFX - 3 min .00_02_26_07.Still006


GFX - 3 min .00_01_48_01.Still005


GFX - 3 min .00_01_13_22.Still004


GFX - 3 min .00_00_08_18.Still003

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