Scotland Aerial Filming – BNUC-S

I am currently going through the process to get my CAA unmanned aircraft certification BNUC-s which will allow me to get commercial aerial shots. The CAA regard them as aircraft however they are more commonly known as Drone’s or UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

I’ve spent the past few months travelling around Scotland getting Aerial shots of various landmarks which will be edited into a showreel which will go live when I get the certificate. Filming from a Quadcopter allows me to get incredible shots that just wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Due to its size it has the ability to go where a full size helicopter cant! The UAV own has a flight time of around 15 minutes, it carries a GoPro on a stabilised gimbal so it remains totally smooth even with wind. I get a video downlink from what the camera sees and that also relays information such like battery life, distance away from take off point and speed etc


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