Scottish Episcopal Church Film

I’ve been working with the Scottish Episcopal Church for the last few years now, mainly filming interviews with their Bishops. Towards the start of the year we started planning a video which would act an insight into breadth of work the church is involved in with the aim of attracting new members.

Pre-production is important for any project but it was particularly important for this project as the church is involved such a broad range of activities across the whole of Scotland. We needed to ensure we got across all the points the client wanted to cover. The SEC really wanted to get across the idea that the church is about so much more than Sunday morning worship, highlighting it’s involved with many community causes as well as offering people the opportunity to just sit and be still.

We filmed across many locations in Scotland, from Ballachulish, Pitlochry, Dundee, Fife and Edinburgh. Using the drone allowed us to get some beautiful shots of the highlands which work really well the few opening lines in the script as he mentions ‘travelling across this beautiful land’. Bishop Mark of the Diocese of Moray, Ross & Caithness the perfect candidate to do the voiceover which we recorded in a studio Leith.


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