Filmmaking Process

In my many years of making films, I have honed a working process that I apply to every project. First, I make it my priority to fully understand the brief and the wishes of the client. I am always honest about whether I am the right person for the job, as I only want to deliver projects that I am proud of.

At the very beginning, I communicate with the client to determine the best route forward for each project: whether that’s me taking on full responsibility for the shoot logistics, locations, and so on, or collaborating to do this together.

I proceed through projects in a fluid way, always open to the possibility of a change in direction during shooting. For instance, a contributor might say something in their VO that prompts a new creative idea; this open-minded process keeps the film authentic and often results in an even better video than we’d originally envisioned.

Finally, during post production, I share a cut of the film with the client for feedback and changes, ensuring all are happy with the final cut before it is professionally finished with a sound mix and colour grade.

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