Corporate Video Edinburgh

I was recently commissioned by Bridge Systems to produce a video to create a visual showcase for the work they do. Bridge systems develop and maintain communication systems for local authoriteis as well as local businesses, basically anyone with a communication need.

After meeting with the guys in Fife we decided the video would focus on the large area telecommunication networks. These guys provide all the infrastructure comms for Lothian Buses and the trams. After seeing a network map showing where the masts beam microwaves across the forth, it soon became clear that using motion graphics would convey this well. This was the perfect way to show the scale of the network.

I wanted to get across a high tech feel for the video, this was achieved in various ways. Using lighting enabled me to create a high tech look in some of the server rooms where all the kit is located, ordinarily the lights in the room washed everything out – however with all the lights off and just a few LED panels, I was able to create a nice look. Additionally a lot of the shots were shot at dusk, just as the light was fading which made the street and bus lights more prominent – this coupled with the motion graphics really adds to the tech feel of the video.

Feel free to check out the video below –


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