Foot2Afrika Film

At the start of the year I was filming for a local NGO in Moshi, Tanzania. Foot 2 Afrika is run by Sadock Johnson who along with international volunteers are involved in many different projects in and around the Kilimanjaro region.

Johnston is currently raising money to open the Moshi Youth Village which will provide support for children coming out of the orphanages and helping them transition into adulthood. I’m making 3 videos for F2A, this first one explaining the proposed Moshi youth centre and another showing the work of the Rudisha woman’s group. The final video highlighting the problem the Maasai have trying to find clean water. Spending time with the Maasai just completely blew me away – these people are hard as nails, especially the woman.

It was a difficult trip to pack for as I was also climbing Kilimanjaro, the range of temperatures meaning I had to pack for summer and winter gear. The filming kit it was therefore kept to the bare minimum, no Glidecam, no slider, just a 60D, 2 lenses, a mic and a tripod.

Check out the Youth Village video below and the other 2 will be up soon.




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