Scotland Drone Shots in Commercial

I supplied some stock aerial for this project made for a food delivery service in the highlands.

“Scuttling around secretly delivering fresh produce from door to door is not a particularly monstrous act, so it’s fitting that the cave-dwelling beastie in this commercial is as cute as a button.

Telling the story of a little girl on a mission to discover who is making home deliveries, the film, Scotland’s Best Kept Secret was made during lockdowns in the UK and Canada and features impressive visual effects from Brave VFX. 

“The brief came to us in the middle of lockdown, and because of the scale of the project and the issues with shooting abroad there were going to be challenges” says Andrews. “We had little to no money but took it as a creative opportunity.” Jaques adds “Once we had our idea with concept art, storyboards and previs, the ball started rolling. More and more creatives donated their time to see the project through to the end, which we couldn’t be more thankful for.” 

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