Video Production – Africa – World Toilet Day

This is the second film I have produced for the Busoga Trust, highlighting the work of their Slum Sanitation Project. The 19th November is World Toilet Day which aims to break the taboo around toilets and address the issue of sanitation.

Started in partnership with UNHabitat, Busoga Trust operate the project in Bugembe, near Jinja (Uganda), to provide sanitation facilities. The sanitation situation in the slums of Bugembe is very bad, with people using “flying toilets” – whereby people crap in a plastic bag and then chuck it anywhere. Disease is rife.

They offer a service whereby people can get a loan to build a toilet. It is demand driven. They can choose what facilities they want. They then pay the credit organisation back over time with a small rate of interest.

Schools and hospitals have really benefited from this service and people even set up toilets stances as a “pay-per-use” facility (literally, spending a penny).


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