Filming Interviews with A.Vogel – Glasgow Video Production

I was asked by A. Vogel to come to their office to film some interviews and help show them how to use some existing camera equipment they purchased. A.Vogel make fresh herbal remedies at their UK base in Irvine, Scotland.

They were looking create several 1 – 2 minute pieces to camera to upload over several weeks to their blog. We decided to shoot against a white backdrop and use a 2 camera setup. I used 4 lights for the setup – 2 Arri 700w flooding light against the backdrop to over expose it – a 700w with softbox as a main – and a 300w for fill. I set up the 5d on a 50mm as the main shot and the 60D with the 70-200 to get a tight of the subject then in Premiere I can multicam between the 2 shots. This also allows me to edit out any unwanted chat easily. Audio was recorded into the Zoom H4N using Sennheiser wireless mics.






Interviews Synced.Still001




Interviews Synced.Still002

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