Rob’s Story – 10 years of the Busoga Trust – Charity Video Production


This is the third film I have produced for the Busoga Trust following the story of the Trust’s Development Manager, Rob Waugh. This film follows Rob as he revisits some of the wells built in 2003, to see if they were still working and to reflect on the development of the Trust over the years.

I had been waiting for the right project to use the track ‘Spirit’ by Tony Anderson. This guy’s music works so well for the type of films I make as many of his songs have lots of points to edit to. I also wanted to make good use of background noise, like the opening scene of the girl working the pump and the sound of the old landrover hurtling along the road. As I had limited space to carry all my kit, instead of recording sound separately I recorded straight into the 5d Mk3 and monitored via the headphone jack. With the audio level really low in camera and boosting the output level on the Sennheiser G3 this allowed me to get nice clean audio in a really compact setup.

This was first job where I properly used the Glidecam, such an awesome piece of kit when you get the hang of it. Shooting in 50p and slowing it down worked really well.



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Rob’s Feedback…

We recently commissioned John to make a collection of short films for us, covering various aspects of our work in Uganda. It proved to be an excellent move on our part. He worked with us to develop a series of storyboards and a detailed shot list in advance, which allowed us to ensure that we were making the most of the relatively short filming time. Once on the ground, he immediately slotted into the team; accepting the rough and ready conditions with good humour and maintaining a high work rate regardless of the situation i.e. we took him straight from an overnight flight to 4 hours filming in the field and a 250km drive. His humble, gregarious nature paved the way for a great filming process in remote communities.

His experience of the African operating environment also means that he takes appropriate precautions such as packing multiple spare batteries and charging at every opportunity, which ensured we didn’t lose any filming time. In a less technical sense his preparations involve him going the extra mile to gain an understanding of both the country and the issues which our NGO works to address. This means that he is able to contribute constructively from the outset, understanding the story which needs to be told.

Basically, working with John is like having another veteran field worker who just happens to know how to make amazing films which capture key details perfectly. I never heard him complain once… unless the supply of biscuits ran low of course.

Rob Waugh
Development Manager
Busoga Trust


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