Scotland Video Production Company – How it works

If you’re looking to have a video made for your organisation I’ve outlined below the 3 stages of production involved.


A lot of the success of a production lies in the planning and pre-production. Before filming I always have a very clear vision of how we want the final film to look and where necessary I will usually visit the filming locations before hand.


Before the day I send out a call sheet, letting everyone know where they should be and when. Shooting takes longer than most people expect, I generally expect to use little more than 15% of what I shoot. I always shoot in high definition. (1080p).


After the shoot day I backup and log all the footage to begin the editing process. First I provide a draft cut for your feedback. I make any changes as requested, followed by another opportunity for you to give feedback. I’ll then add the final tweaks delivering the final version in your chosen format. Most clients prefer upload-ready formats such as .mp4 for YouTube and Vimeo.

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