Scotland Video Production – Steel Roots

I absolutely love filming in workshops especially when welding and grinding is involved – endless opportunities for good shots. My mate in Sheffield has started making tables, bars and others things from reclaimed wood and steel gas pipes -check out his work at

Here’s some stills from the rushes

1J2A9220.MOV.Still001 1J2A9242.MOV.Still001 1J2A9247.MOV.Still001 1J2A9251.MOV.Still001 1J2A9271.MOV.Still001 1J2A9278.MOV.Still001 1J2A9287.MOV.Still001 1J2A9291.MOV.Still001 1J2A9291.MOV.Still002 1J2A9295.MOV.Still001 1J2A9307.MOV.Still001 1J2A9315.MOV.Still001 1J2A9338.MOV.Still001

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