Cameraman Scotland

I was recently hired by an Edinburgh Based agency – SevenThree. They are producing a film for the Radisson hotel group to help attract large production companies use their hotels and facilities.

We spent an early morning getting exterior dolly shots of the Radisson in Edinburgh and then another day in Brussels at the Radisson Grand Hotel. Every shot was a slow track towards a wall whereby a projection would be added in post. Initially I thought a track and dolly would do the job but then realised the track would be in shot when I learned how far the push had to go in some shots. We therefore hired a quad truck with bazooka to the shots needed.

As the vibe of the film was dusk/evening we generally let the spaces speak for themselves in terms of lighting but a few spots we added some diffusion lights and a few hard spots to add contrast.

Kit used –

  • Sony FX6
  • 16-35 Sony G Master
  • 14 Sony G Master
  • Aputure 600c with 150 Lightdome
  • Aputure 300x
  • Quad Truck

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