Cooking Salmon over an Open Fire on Scotland’s Oldshoremore Beach with Chef Bruce Clyne Watson

Last year, I had the pleasure of working as the camera operator and editor on a production creating films for Loch Duart, a Scottish seafood company. The film showcases chef Bruce Clyne Watson cooking salmon over an open fire on Oldshoremore beach, a remote and picturesque location in Scotland.

As soon as I heard about the project, I knew it was going to be a stand-out job. Not only was the location incredibly beautiful, but the idea of filming a chef cooking seafood over an open fire was something that really excited me.

Working alongside Euan Myles, the director, and Great Brink, the producer, we set out to Oldshoremore beach on a perfect evening for filming. Despite the fact that it had rained heavily earlier in the day, we were blessed with a clear and sunny evening, with just the right amount of clouds in the sky to add some visual interest.

When we arrived on the beach, we were struck by the beauty of the location. The fire pit was right by the waters’ edge, and the flames contrasted perfectly with the sandy beach and blue sky. It was a truly magical scene, and I knew right away that the footage we were about to capture was going to be special.

As the camera operator, I made sure to capture a variety of different shots, from wide shots of the beach and the fire, to close-ups of the salmon cooking and Chef Bruce Clyne Watson at work.

Once filming was complete, working alongside Euan we set to work crafting the footage into a final video. One of the most challenging part was to keep the balance of showing the process of cooking and the beauty of the location. It was important to me that the video accurately conveyed the unique and special atmosphere of Oldshoremore beach, and I think we managed to achieve that.

Check out the film below –

In the end, the video turned out even better than I could have imagined. It was one of three videos we produced for Loch Duart, and it was by far the most visually stunning and evocative of the three.

I am extremely proud of the work we did on this project, and I believe it was a real standout job. I would love to work on a similar project in the future and would look forward to working alongside Euan Myles and Great Brink again, as well as Loch Duart.

Director – Euan Myles
Producer/Art Dept – Laura Strong at Great brink
Clients – Chris Orr and Adam Gray at Loch Duart Salmon
DOP – John Duncan
Drone – Peter Keith
Camera Assistant – Dawid Bujok and George Rabe
Sound Recordist – John Vick at FINIFLEX LIMITED
Editor – John Duncan
Stills Photography – Euan Myles
Sound Mix – William Aikman
Colour Grade – Troy Edige
Motion Graphics – Robbie Dickson / Bloc Collective

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