Lighting Camera Operator

A few days ago I was filming a 2 camera interview setup for a client in America. The interview was conducted via Zoom with the laptop setup where the interviewer would typically sit.

I used the Sony FX6 and A7S3 shooting SLOG3 with the 50mm & 85mm Sigma Art primes. Lighting was achieved by an Aputure key light with large softbox and also a few spots in the background to create a bit of interesting backlighting – furthermore to compliment the subject matter I used the rack of candles and lit the candles in the background – because of this I had to keep an eye on the eye tracking as it may have caused the bokeh in the candle light to be distracting – as the interviewee barely moved back and forth this wasn’t an issue.

On this job there wasn’t budget for a sound man so sound was dealt with by a boom above the subject and a lapel mic for backup.

Lighting camera operator

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