Video Filming Edinburgh

I recently worked on a project for National Geographic sponsored by Rolex, with Proudfoot TV, a production company based in London. Our objective was to film an interview with Thiago Silva, a renowned expert in ecosystem change and environmental informatics.

During the interview, Thiago explained that he specializes in studying water flow within the Amazon. To map and analyse the region’s waterways, he employs cutting-edge technology like drones with LiDAR sensors. His work is crucial for understanding the impact of climate change on the Amazon’s ecosystem and inhabitants.

Thiago shared his plans to use virtual reality to create immersive experiences that allow viewers to visualize the water flow in the Amazon. This will raise awareness about the importance of protecting the region.

To capture the interview, we used the Sony FX6 camera renowned for its exceptional image quality and versatility. With 4K resolution, the camera allowed us to zoom in and out without losing detail, and capture cinematic footage with a shallow depth of field.

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