Film & Video Production Services Branded content, documentary, commercial or a social media film, I can help you achieve your objectives with world beating films.

Branded content

As advertising shifts to uncharted territory, I believe that quality digital content builds awareness and awareness builds an engaged community. Consumers relate to authenticity. Our unique branded content stories help you target your audience across all digital platforms.


The essential element of a good documentary is simply, the story. The audience must have an intellectual and emotional tie to the film. The audience must have a “pull” to get to the end of the film.


The goal of a great commercial is to make viewers feel that they can trust your brand and its services. Rather than directly selling a product, it’s better to show the viewer the experience they can have with your product.

Social Media

Social media is a highly effective means of getting your message to mass audiences, but short digital attention spans make it essential to grab and hold the viewer. As social platforms are filled with promotional content and advertising, it’s never been more important to create relatable, sharable videos which viewers can connect with. Also, remember that 75% of videos watched on mobile devices are watched with the volume turned off – so it’s important to use subtitles or motion graphics to deliver important information.

Drone Filming

It is my aim to capture the very best aerial footage imaginable and I meticulously plan every flight, navigating the drone through tight spaces and using foreground to add depth to shots. My background is in camera work and the drone is just another tool to achieve the most dynamic visuals possible.

Camera Work

As a freelance cameraman, I have experience using a wide variety of cameras across broadcast and non-broadcast projects over many genres of production. I currently own and operate the A7SIII.

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