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Bridge Systems offer communication solutions to companies via two-way radio systems, Wi-Fi and long-range masts. They chose video to communicate their work to potential customers.


As Bridge specialise in communication over invisible airwaves, it took a while to visualise how this video would look! Clean lines and clear graphics communicated their message effectively. We subtly incorporated Bridge Systems branding on uniforms, and shot vast networks of city lights in dark environments, which gave the film a uniformity and evoked their hi-tech specialism.


Bridge Systems said: “John was recommended to us through someone in the same industry. After meeting with him and discussing what we would like, John very quickly put together an outline of his ideas and a mood board to convey these thoughts clearly. The filming process was smooth and the end product was over and above our expectations. John was understanding and very approachable throughout the whole process and we would recommend his services to others looking for a professionally made film.”

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