Tomorrow will be a good day

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We are living through a moment in history, as significant as any war or revolution. Covid-19 is an indiscriminate leveller, literally affecting princes to pensioners, posties to prime ministers.

Life at this time looks different for us all, and undeniably tragic for some, but hopefully we will come out the other side with an even greater appreciation of the things we may have taken for granted.

The temptation is to be consumed by the macabre statistics on the news, but this limits our perspective, blinding us to the truly amazing things happening at this time. New hospitals created in a matter of weeks, scientists working around the clock, governments facing down unprecedented challenges, communities supporting each other endlessly, the armed forces going all out on the domestic front; logistics on a scale we cannot comprehend. The whole country coming together is something that is amazing to see.

And then there is 100 year old Yorkshireman, Captain Tom Moore, who having lived through far more challenging times, stepped up and, with a dignified shuffle and heartwarming smile, became the embodiment of all that is good and will be good and told us, simply:

“Tomorrow will be a good day!”

This topical film showcases the power of carefully-selected stock footage in combination with self-shot elements and archive; proof that even during a pandemic, you can get the shots you want!

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