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Fujifilm Overview

Fujifilm UK approached me to make a short film to promote their new GF 23mm lens. With GF regarded as their finest class of lens, we decided to shoot one of their photographer ambassadors, Paul Sanders, using the new lens.

Filming Approach

Fuji wanted to shoot in the stunning Scottish Highlands to showcase the capability of their lens, so we chose the lesser known Assynt as our location, with a short hike to Stac Pollaidh for dramatic aerial shots. Knowledge of the area and a recce day prior to the shoot were crucial, as we had limited time to shoot the project.
On the morning of the shoot we had planned to film Stac Pollaidh first thing – but when we got there, we couldn’t even see the mountain! Fortunately, we were prepared: we changed location and headed back later in the day when it had cleared up, achieving all the shots we planned to capture.


Fuji were delighted with the finished result and commissioned me to make three further films.

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Behind the Scenes

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